The Marcellus Shale and You – March 3, 2012

The Marcellus Shale and You – Saturday, March 03, 2012


Rick Stouffer, Gas Business Briefing

  • Update on gas industry notable news

Utica vs Marcellus — Jobs and development

Yoshi — Reporter from NHK Studio (largest news program in Japan) – Reporting on energy and shale gas in Washington County. Attended PIOGA job fair event in Washington County

Kelly – Caller –

  • Re: Water quality change over the years. What can be done since these visitors have come to our area. We have tested our water and it has changed dramatically.
  • Why are these companies reaping financial benefits when I get nothing.


Jim Samuel –

  • Western PA is leading in Marcellus, but Ohio is ramping up quickly for the Utica because it’s better known for having liquid in the gas.

Andrew Thomas –

  • The Marcellus has been a great source of natural gas and has driven down the price, which has caused drilling work to slow down. Companies are starting to announce they are moving over to the wet gas play in the Utica. Natural gas liquids are selling closer in price to oil than natural gas is selling for, so this makes it more profitable for companies doing this work.
  • Ohio drilling rigs expected to increase by 300% over next few years. How is Ohio preparing for this?

Jim –

  • Ohio has benefitted from watching what has taken place in PA, and started several years ago to change its regulatory system to prepare for the development of the Utica. Companies like to see clarity and consistency in the regulatory system and Ohio has positioned itself well for this. Ohio is also well positioned regarding the level of taxation for drilling companies as they move in.

Andrew –

  • We have also learned from PA about the need to develop our workforce. The community colleges in Ohio are already involved in developing training courses for oil and gas workers so that these companies can hire Ohio residents as much as possible. It has taken Pennsylvania many years to get to the point of hiring in state workers so we have learned from that.

Question –

  • Is the gas we are receiving now from the Marcellus / local or is it still being shipped in from other areas?
  • For me, my bill just went down about $35 a month, so we are starting to see the reductions. It is going to take time and not be instant, though there shouldn’t be too long of a lag.

Al Catanzarie – from PIOGA

  • At job fair in Washington County – we have 35 vendors participating companies looking for workers. We are matching them up the best we can with prospective job seekers. We have had about 2,000 job seekers attend today.

Question –

  • I have a contract with Shell and was wondering what their plans are in northern Lawrence County?

Shell has been ramping up in Butler and northern areas.

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